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Post by Buffalo96 on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:02 am

Maybe this is a touchy subject but in my travels this week I have encountered some suspect behavior.

The incident I speak of happened on Wilson Creek but has happened in many places under similar circumstances. Please feel free to voice your opinions and of you were the guy... defend your actions.

My buddy and I got up early to fish a popular series of holes on the upper section of Wilson Creek. He had gone down stream to fish a deep pool below the bridge and I went up stream to fish a bend pool. We were alone when we started but soon had "company". I had paused for a few minutes when I got to the river's edge to tie on a rig and take off my fleece jacket that was burning me up. I had just finished tying my rig when a man came up behind me and said "I'm coming up on your left and I am going to fish that pool." (motioning to the pool to my left that I was headed towards) I then told him that I was headed for that pool and it seemed to not phase him. He walked right to the exact spot I wanted to fish and started casting a line.

Needless to say, I was pissed off! I tried to edge up to the spot but a fallen tree thwarted my advance. I just decided to leave the hole and get on with it. I was so mad that I almost grabbed a rock and tossed it into the hole to screw his fishing up. I decided to take the high road. Two other anglers had jumped in above my buddy and were coming up from behind. I gave up and fumed as I collected my fishing partner.

What is your opinion? Am I being a baby? what do you think the rules of etiquette are for wading and fishing?
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