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New NCWRC Regulations Empty New NCWRC Regulations

Post by Tyler on Mon May 31, 2010 3:55 pm

The NCWRC has amended/created a few regulations (okay a whole list) for 2010-2011. There's some interesting changes for NC anglers. No new DH streams we're created though. You can find the whole list here Scroll down to page eight in the handbook to find the Trout Fishing Regulations. The new HS waters on the Yadkin caught my eye. We'll see how that works out...

A few of the NCWRC's regulation changes:


F6. Tellico River (Cherokee County) – Reclassify the Wild Trout/Natural Bait section
to Wild Trout Waters.
Justification: Proposal F6 will simplify rules by classifying all waters in this
area as Wild Trout Waters.

F7. South Toe River (Yancey County) – Reclassify the headwaters section from Wild
Trout to Catch-and-Release/Artificial Flies Only Trout Waters.

F8. South Toe River (Yancey County) – Reclassify the Catch-and-Release/Artificial
Flies Only section to Wild Trout Waters.

F9. Upper Creek (Yancey County) – Reclassify from Catch-and-Release/Artificial
Lures Only to Catch-and-Release/Artificial Flies Only Trout Waters.

F2. Yadkin River (Caldwell County) – Classify 2.0 miles of this river as Hatchery-
Supported Trout Waters.

F11. Nantahala River and tributaries (Clay and Macon counties) – Remove the exception
that allows fishing during the closed season on Hatchery-Supported Trout Waters
upstream of Nantahala Lake.
Justification: Proposal F11 will simplify rules by making the fishing season
consistent with other Hatchery-Supported Trout Waters in the area.


F32. Statewide – Establish a 42-inch minimum size limit and one-fish-daily creel
limit for muskellunge.
Justification: Proposal F32 increases the minimum size limit for muskie from
30 to 42 inches and will conserve spawning stock by protecting 4-5-year-old,
sexually mature fish. This will also simplify regulations by standardizing them
across state waters and with regulations for the New River in Virginia.

F33. French Broad River – Eliminate the current 46-inch size limit in favor of a new
statewide regulation (F32).
Justification: Proposal F33 will decrease the size limit for muskie in the French
Broad River from 46 to 42 inches and will standardize regulations statewide,
while protecting sexually mature fish.

Tyler Legg

New NCWRC Regulations Thff_c10
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