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Wassup 'n brookies Empty Wassup 'n brookies

Post by Transylwader on Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:15 am

Howzit going fellers, some may know me already, the South African with a taste for beer and a troubling passion for brook trout (complete blue lining addict). So here goes:
Name: Transylwader
Age: who cares
Sex: Yes please
Rod: Orvis 6'2wt
Reel Orvis BLA 1
Locales: Shenandoah, Pisgah, Nantahalah, Cherokee, Limietberg/DuToitskloof/Bainskloof(South Africa)
Interests:Fly fishing, drinking, surfing, travelling, women
Fav music: Anything hectic (thrash metal, speedcore, ska, punk)
Current City: Raleigh (uuuugh!)
My life is spent primarily behind a desk and I hate it, the only reason I go back is coz i am waiting for the day when i flip out (its gonna be soon) and I have some money to back up my plan, other than that , every other second is spend chasing trout, especially brookies. I sometimes go after these guys coz they are the hardest
Wassup 'n brookies 058
But these are the absolute dogs bollocks!
Wassup 'n brookies IMGP0186
Wassup 'n brookies IMGP0205
Wassup 'n brookies IMGP0171
Wassup 'n brookies 077-2
Wassup 'n brookies 010-4
Wassup 'n brookies 052-3
Wassup 'n brookies 011-2
Wassup 'n brookies MikesBrookie1
The best dry fly ever:
Wassup 'n brookies 260
And the prettiest fish ever:
Wassup 'n brookies 268
The best creek ever and the textbook technique that will tear 'em up world wide:
Wassup 'n brookies Upthegorge
Wassup 'n brookies 045-3
My best friend:
Wassup 'n brookies IMGP3020-1-1
The worst hangover:
Wassup 'n brookies 159-2
The best dinner:
Wassup 'n brookies 038-1
Once my ankle is healed up, you will find me back on a blue line, till then, tight lines drunken

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Wassup 'n brookies Empty Re: Wassup 'n brookies

Post by Tyler on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:33 pm

Wassup Mike! Good to have ya on the forum man! Kick your shoes off and come on in! Cool

Tyler Legg

Wassup 'n brookies Thff_c10
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Wassup 'n brookies Empty Re: Wassup 'n brookies

Post by teachrtec on Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:44 pm

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Wassup 'n brookies Empty Re: Wassup 'n brookies

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