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I need some tips

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I need some tips Empty I need some tips

Post by getaalong on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:38 am

I just found a new spot on the Watauga DH that's a bit harder to get to, therefore not heavily pressured. After jumping rocks (and nearly jumping on a copperhead) for awhile I came upon a pool with a dozen nice trout and I settled in. The only way I could get to them was from the side, cross stream, so I stayed low and threw out an inchworm. I got a quick bite but it shook off quickly and I did not get one more bit out of those trout for another hour. I threw out an ant, a woolly bugger, hoppers, a copper john, and a few various dries. Each time I was getting good drift but they would just look at the fly and then politely decline. Anyone got ideas for what to do when you just can't interest them in anything? This is a recurring theme for me and since I'm new at this and trying to teach myself, I could use some pointers.
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I need some tips Empty Re: I need some tips

Post by Tyler on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:34 pm

Usually when you're fishing for picky trout, it isn't necessarily the fly you're using but probably something else.

First off, I don't think you're putting them down or spooking them because they are looking at your fly. Fish that are put down/spooked won't acknowledge a fly at all. It's game over for a while.

1.) It may be that you need to use lighter tippet and a longer leader (6x or 7x and a 12 ft leader). Water levels are low and very clear, so heavier tippets are highly visible to the fish. Go as small as you are comfortable using.

2.) These fish may be selectively feeding. Most fish around here are opportunistic feeders and eat whatever food item drifts their way. You do see picky and selective fish in places though. Watch them for a minute and see if they are feeding on the top or close to the top. If it's neither, they're likely watching for nymphs.

3.) Try a smaller fly (#24 or so). It doesn't matter what pattern. Fish have to test out a potential food item by tasting it. Of course they don't have hands, so they have to quickly use their mouth to determine if it's a food item they want. If it's a smaller fly, they can't really just look at it. They have to taste it to see what it is. That's your chance to set the hook. It's a quick strike (blink of an eye).

4.) Persistence is the best advice I can give you. If you continue to work over the pool, you'll eventually hook up!

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I need some tips Thff_c10
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I need some tips Empty Re: I need some tips

Post by Salvelinus alpinus on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:53 pm

Watch them too see if they are feeding and if they are and wont take anything you throw at them then you need to see whats drifting in the water. Get a small bug net (all the places online have them or roll up a piece of fine mesh screen and put it in your pocket. Then get in above the fish (or below) and dip the net in the creek at different levels and see what you pull up. Mayfly nymphs will get active before they hatch and move around in the water, so do stone flies, and caddis. Caddis will also migrate from one place to another in a stream. Then net should get you a very good guess as to what they are dining on.

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I need some tips Empty Re: I need some tips

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