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Post by getaalong on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:00 pm

I know I've seen a thread on the forum about this before, but I came across an interesting discussion at the NY Times,
I always catch and release unless marsh fishing for specks and reds back in Louisiana, but there are some interesting points brought up here such as, "Is catch and release just torture and release"?. Thoughts?
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Post by Tyler on Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:10 pm

Scientists have proven that fish have feelings. Not emotional feelings, but they can feel pain. They apparently have nerves that are capable of doing so.

I don't think the fish feels excruciating pain when it's hooked. I've been hooked well past the barb and it really didn't hurt at all for some reason. I think the sharper the hook, the less pain the fish experiences. If it's dull, it hurts more because it takes more power to penetrate.

Going barbless doesn't help at all on the fish's part, despite popular belief. It does help speed up the C&R process, but other than that it's pointless as far as the fish goes. Larger barbless hooks tend to penetrate deep, leading to severed and damaged blood vessels and nerves. It's called the Stilletto Effect. I rarely go barbless, unless I've got people around me.

Here's another great article on hooking mortalities...

Tyler Legg

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