Spring Break on the SoHo Day 4

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Spring Break on the SoHo Day 4

Post by teachrtec on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:11 am

Well the storms found us this morning. Tornado watch for the immediate area. Lots of bright colors on the radar maps. I almost talked myself into having another cup of coffee and packing for home. Really glad I didn't Smile

The mud has been pretty bad in the area where I was fishing all week. Today as bands of rain came thru it was worse.

The rain would pause or slack and the BWO's would fire up the fish Smile

Caught a lot of fish in the slack periods. Got to sit and listen to the rain on my jacket a lot too.

When it stopped periodically it stopped. Not upside down Wink

While it was raining I swung a pair of softhackles. No pic's of those fish due the hard rain except this monster around stopping time.

Time to pack and head back across the the mountain.

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