Hobbled to the Stream!

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Hobbled to the Stream!

Post by hookedontrout on Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:54 pm

Still have about 6 weeks to go before I can walk without crutches after Achilles tendon surgery, but the doctor gave the ok to bear weight this week. It's been tough to miss the fall season so far. Andrew and I headed to favorite DH stream nice and early to find a spot where I could fish from the bank. It was cold this morning! We found a nice spot with cooperative trout. I hobbled to the stream on crutches and found a spot where I could cast without falling into the water. Casting was tough since I kept getting caught on branches and brushes because I could not really move on the crutches. We brought about 20 to hand in 2 hours and Andrew would have had a lot more, but he stayed close to his injured dad to help him. Great day!

First fish after more than 2 months without fishing - caught on a Y2K

Andrew got the ball rolling with this one

I kept getting tangled using a thingamabobber, so Andrew tied on a large Para Adams as my indicator and this brookie struck the dry

Andrew switched to a 14 Para Adams and caught a hatch, which led to fish after fish

I caught this one on a dry too!

Nice colors on this one! Did not expect par marks on a stocker.

Last one of the day. Great day! Good to get out.


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Re: Hobbled to the Stream!

Post by kanflyfisher on Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:28 am

Nice fish. Hope that you keep improving with your surgery. I love fall and winter fishing and that is the only time that I can fish for trout here in Kansas.

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